As you cross the 178 miles of the old road across the Panhandle, Remember those who have gone before you, many times in broken-down cars and trucks, always hoping for an easier life somewhere down the road.Feel the hot Texas winds…observe the wide open spaces of an area that to some was “as vast as the ocean”. One sweet grandmother raised in the Panhandle was quoted as saying “you can sit on the porch and watch the dog run away from home for three days”.

As you travel. stop in the small town coffee shops to relive some of t.he old stories of the road with the locals and enjoy the small town friendliness that only the Lone Star state of Texas can offer!

The Old Route 66 Association of Texas is comprised of “Roadies”, local communities, businesses and individuals dedicated to making your travel on Route 66 through the great state of Texas the best experience possible

Membership to the Texas Route 66 Association is available to everyone, everywhere!

Join us now as we adventure through Texas along the world famous highway of Route 66 affectionately known as “The Mother Road”.

~ 1 Mile Equals 1 Memory ~



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