The Old Route 66 Association of Texas is proud to announce that House Bill 978 (HB978) was passed declaring Texas Route 66 a Historical Corridor!!  (type in HB978 for the Bill information)   Texas was the last of the eight Route 66 states to receive historical status.


Larry Clonts of Shamrock, TX was the driving force behind getting recognition for Texas 66!  This project became Larry’s mission after attending the initial Route 66: The Road Ahead conference in 2013, and realizing Texas 66 was the only state that did not have historic status. Due to his hard work and unwavering dedication and many trips to Austin and visits with our State representatives his mission became reality in 2015!  We also would like to THANK: Rep. John Smithee, Four Price, Drew Springer and Kel Seliger for presenting and endorsing the bill. Dan Quant of the Amarillo Convention and Visitors Council (CVC) was also a great champion of the bill and testified for the bill.

Since the passage of the bill, the Old Route 66 Association of Texas in partnership with the communities along the Route have begun the lengthy process of completing the application that must accompany our request to the Texas Historical Commission and TXDOT before signage will be approved. Currently the counties of Wheeler (Shamrock), Oldham (Vega & Adrian) and Potter (Amarillo) are working on their applications.

With only 178 miles of Route 66 in Texas one might think this will be an easy task, and with the exception of Amarillo that is the case. Route 66 across Amarillo has never been well defined and many travelers resort to using I-40 through Amarillo. In hopes of giving the Route 66 traveler a better experience when following the Route through the City, Eric Miller with the CVC asked Nick Gerlich, a professor at West Texas A & M University and an avid Route 66 traveler and historian to compile an inventory of the current Route 66 signage type and location.  With that knowledge the next step in the process for Amarillo will be to decide how many and where the new Texas Route 66 Historic Corridor Signs will be located.

Fund raising for the new signs in Amarillo as well as all the other Route 66 Communities will begin soon!

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